AWEC Congratulates the International Day of the Girl Child

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To all the Girl Children in the world on the occasion of the International Day of the Girl Child

Remember to value yourself even when others around you don’t — you are the hope for a beautiful world tomorrow.
Remember to soar upward; no matter how much your space may be constrained down below — there is always the open sky and sunshine above to reach up to
Never give up trying to excel — you have the strength and the talent to realize your every dream.

I have a rose bush in my garden that is rather crowded out between fruit trees. As a result it has shot up its stalk to twice my height, and has big blossoms up there where the sun can reach it. It always reminds me of the life of girls. They tend to get crowded out, but they find their way nevertheless.

Know that Allah gave our Prophet (PBUH) only girl children, and they were his comfort and joy.

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