2014 May

Gender Network Elects Board of Directors

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At a meeting of the General Assembly of the Gender Network on May 14, 2014, the draft constitution of the network was approved and members of the Board of Directors were elected.  Muqadas Atalwal was nominated to chair the Board.  Names of Board members are:

Ms.Manizha Wafeq USAID program partner
Ms.Frozan Mashal Director in PATH-O
Ms.Najiba Norestani Gender officer in Ministry of Education.
Ms.Liya Jawad Director of FSJO
Ms.Orzalla Barakzai Gender Specialist in DI
Mr.Mohammad Niyaz Safi Director in TEST
Ms.Noria Safi Director of WCBDO
Mr.Said Hashim Amin Professor in Kabul […]