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A new life for Nisar
Last month in AWEC Child Protection Centre (CPC) in Kabul, no less than 21 boys finished the “mobile repairing” training and all of them found a job. Beside the fact that Government actually recognizes this training (all of them proudly received certified certificates) it enables these boys to start a new life.
Nisar is part of the lucky ones. At seventeen years old, he is currently working part-time in a real estate agency and part time at a mobile repairing shop. In his hands all sorts of cell phones are starting afresh and getting a second life. But the path was tough to get there. He was identified by AWEC social workers in the 6th district of Kabul in summer 2014, while he was polishing shoes. Nisar started to work in the street at the age of 10: with three sisters and four brothers, he was the only one to bring money to the family: “My family was very poor. My father was a drug addict and he was not able to work. My mother was a house wife. I have never gone to school because I had to sustain a job in order to support my family and pay the drug for my father.” He has been a victim of domestic, physical and emotional violence: both at home and in the workplace.
The social workers started to visit Nisar’s family frequently. In the beginning, Nisar’s parents did not agree to let him to attend classes at the CPC as he was the only wage-earner in the family. In order to take off some of the burden from Nisar’s shoulders and convince the parents to let him attend the activities, the social worker found a job for his older sister as a tailor and a job for his mother as a laundry maid. Since Nisar was no longer the only wage-earner, his family could afford to let him come to the CPC.
Now, after 6 months of mobile repairing class, besides having gained practical skills in mobile repairing, he is able to read and write: “I am very happy with the services provided in the CPC because the services helped me to improve my family’s income and I gained literacy”.

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