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On 5 October70 countries and 20 international organizations and agencies will meet
in Brussels to discuss opportunitiesto signal sustained political and financial support
to the Afghan peace process, state-building and development.The Afghan government
will present its Afghanistan National Peace and Development Framework (ANPDF)
which is a five-year strategic plan for achieving self-reliance. Afghanistan is hoping
with the help of ANPDF and the National Priority Programs to move forward on a
journey of ending poverty and achieving development in different areas including
ministerial programs such as the Citizen’sCharter, women’s economic empowerment
and agricultural development among others
Throughout the decades of war and reconstruction NGOs and civil society have been
pioneers and later invaluable partners, working towards development goals and
supporting positive change. NGOs have invaluable experience in simply getting
things done. The individuals who spent many years serving the Afghan people in
NGOs now serve the Afghan people in government. There is a strong bond of
partnership. NGOs have helped the government implement programs such as the
flagship National Solidarity Program and ensured that education and health were
rolled out to all provinces, focusing on the inclusion of women and girls. Women’s
role in this process has been invaluable reaching out to half of the population who may
have been neglected
Apart from tirelessly helping the government provide services, Afghan Women’s
NGOs like AWEC, working since 1991, have many years of experience filling niches
dealing with some of the more sensitive societal issues, such as domestic violence,
women in prison and women and children on the street. AWEC has had a significant
role in bringing education to children in difficult areas and circumstances. Throughout
the years of war they accepted risks while making their contribution to peaceand
The National Priority Programs will benefifit tremendously from the cooperation and
collaboration of organizations like AWEC. It has become clear that, in every sector at
every level, peace and development are not only inconceivable without women’s full
participation – they are also improbabl

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