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Civil Society Organizations”CSOs” Regional Meeting/Technical Discussion

Inexistency of regular and continuously communication among civil society organizations of two neighbor Panjshir and Kapisa provinces was caused and made these two provinces faraway from each other civil activities and they were not able to share their experiences and knowledge’s with each other. Although, both Kapisa and Panjshir provinces have had essential activities in regard of civil society, but because of naught regular and formal communication they have not able to develop it at re-gional level.
In order to exchange experiences, ideas, bring together civil societies, increase civil society performances and create coor-dination among CSOs an innovative activity was made by civil society institutions of both provinces with co-operation of AWEC office. It was a conduction of regional meeting and technical discussion among CSOs of both provinces which was held on 09.June.2015 at Directorate of Women’s Affairs in Panjshir province. This meeting was participated by Abdul. Hafeez. Mansoor, member of Parliament, Mrs.Maryam.Panjshiri director general of Women’s Affairs, members of Provincial Council, majority of civil society activists, authorities and members of CSOs of both Panjshir and Kapisa provinces.
During this technical discussion the circumstances and quality of formation for better communication among civil society insti-tutions, civil activities and it impacts on both provinces in present and past was negotiated and as at the beginning of meeting Mr.Mohammad.Zahir.Amiri, capacity building manager of AWEC, talked about AWEC programmes and activities and said, “ this technical discussion/regional meeting is held under ACEP project with technical cooperation of Counterpart Interna-tional and funding support of USAID and we will endeavor to bring together and make coordination among Kapisa and Panj-shir civil society institutions and enhance their civil activities and regular communication in order to enable them to find the ability of better civil services for their own citizens”.

Then, Mohammad.Hakim.Hakimi and Mr.Hashmatull.Safi, chiefs of civil society institutions network of Panjshir and Kapisa provinces talked on general condition and state of CSOs in present and past in both Panjshir and Kapisa provinces. Mo-hammad.Hakim.Hakimi, chief of civil society institutions network of Panjshir province said,” we have always wanted and wished to have a regular and continuously communication with our neighbor province but due to inexistence of possibilities we were not able to do that and presently we are so happy to have facilities for holding such technical discussion/regional meeting, and as well as we are grateful from AWEC, Counterpart Inter-national and USAID for providing and facilitation of such pro-grammes”.

Throughout the discussion, Mr.Abdul. Hafeez Mansoor, Member of Parliament talked about opportunities and challenges of civil society institutions in a democratic environment and add that Islam is the best founder of civil societies institutions and com-munities, He thanked from facilitators and holders of such meeting and discussion and add that this kind of sessions, ne-gotiations and technical discussions caused of people empo-werment in stated province.
Eventually, members of civil society institutions from both prov-inces launched a group discussion and generally goals, objec-tives responsibilities and performances of CSOs in both provinces negotiated and exchanged ideas and finally they de-cided that even if they not supported by any donor organization or external resources they will conduct such meetings/technical discussion continuously in the future as well in order to ex-change ideas and discuss on regional issues and challenges and finally to could take jointly decisions based on needs.
After completion of technical discussion, Mr.Hashmatull.Safi, chief of civil society institutions network of Kapisa province, was so much grateful and happy from holding the regional meet-ing/technical discussion, and said,” Kapisa and Panjshir are neighbored provinces and we are faced many challenges and problems at regional level but presently I feel that we are not alone and have confidence that CSOs of Panjshir province also stand with us to work jointly for regional issues”.

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