Gender Network

Afghan Women Education center established a Network for the first time under the name of (Gender Network), this Network work in Afghanistan to strengthen gender section and bring gender equality in all government agencies and NGOs. Its main objectives are (reinforcing gender, gender mainstreaming and gender protection). Therefore the Afghan Women Education Center held a two days conference according to demand and suggestions of gender network members and prepared an assessment and three year strategic plan for network in March 2014 to achieve our goals and grew up .So we shared the assessment through email to get their reform ideas and submit to us for further evaluation and to attached it in assessment. That will be approved and adopted in the presence of 50% to 100% members in the next meeting. Around15 Ministries, 3 presidency and 22 civic organizations have the membership of this network up to now .and  four other provinces has been launched through AWEC.

And If you are interested to have membership of network so you can send your application letter through email or you can contact us in this number 0777761341.