I never thought it would be possible to earn ...

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I never thought it would be possible to earn 6000 Afghanis

Due to poverty, Tahir was forced to washes cars on the streets. He is fifteen years old and is currently working in a flower shop which decorates and designs flowers for wedding parties.  He was identified by AWEC’s social workers in the 6th district of Kabul in the summer of 2014, while he was washing cars. Tahir lives with his four sisters, three brothers, and his mother. One of his sisters is paralyzed and his three older sisters are married: “My family was very poor. My father is dead. My mother was a house wife. I have never gone to school because I had to sustain a job in order to support my family.” Tahir has been a victim of physical and emotional violence – both at home and in the workplace.

The social workers started to visit Tahir’s family frequently. In the beginning, Tahir’s mother did not agree to let him attend classes at the CPC as he was the only wage-earner in the family. In order to take off some of the burden from Tahir’s shoulders and convince his mother to let him attend the center, the social worker found a job for his mother as a laundry maid. Since Tahir was no longer the only wage-earner, his family could afford to let him come to the CPC.

Now, after 6 months of attending the flower making class, besides having gained practical skills in decorating wedding parties, he is also able to read and write: “When I was washing cars I would work the whole day and only earn 50-100 AF per day but by decorating wedding parties and making baskets for the wedding ceremonies I am now earning 6000 Afghani per month which is a very huge amount for me. I could never imagine that I could make 6000 Afghani per month. I am very happy with the services provided in the CPC because the services helped me to improve my family’s income and I am also literate now”.

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