Network of civic organization & advocacy for women in peace building
Purpose: Working on civil institution on peace building, peace education & peace fosterage on their activities
Date Received: 12 April, 2009
AWEC role: AWEC has more experience in the field of peace building & has had projects in this area & always had a great part in litigations.
Center of Committee/Network: Medica Afghanistan but this network was laid by Medica Mondiyal
Network of civil institutions for peace
Purpose: To commemorate the international peace day & its importance.
Date Received: 2005 till now
AWEC role: AWEC has celebrated this day very broadly in to the 2 most insecure provinces in the southern & western regions of the country. In addition, it has gotten appreciation certificates in this regard.
Center of Committee/Network: AWSE
Advocacy committee & overseeing the implementation of law prohibiting violence against women
Purpose: Self Ensuring of Civil Institutions for Elimination of violence against women in Court & its implementation at Women’s Obstacles
Date Received: 8 April, 2012
AWEC role: Based on serving women, AWEC has initiated two projects in Kabul women's prison & submits reports being a member on elimination of violence against women on monthly bases.
Center of Committee/Network: Afghan Women's Network
Emergency committee in draft law
Purpose: To present their points of view to Electoral Law on Work Commission
Date Received: From 31 may till 9 June
AWEC role: Regarding the work reform & polling system of Electoral Law, AWEC has already given her stand points.
Center of Committee/Network: Afghan Women's Network
Strengthen the network of Afghan Parliament
Purpose: To establish/ build a cooperative relation among the members of civil Institutions.
Date Received: 29 September, 2010
AWEC role: AWEC beside being involved in collaboration to the committee in the parliament of the country that works in certain cases, has also introduced some civil members according to their capacity to the work in the parliament
Center of Committee/Network: APAP
Working committee on the draft media law
Purpose: To regret / reject the rules / policies regarding the media through MOC.
Date Received: 27 June, 2012
AWEC role: Based on having close relation & deem the media a part of civil Institution, AWEC has suggested her stand points regarding the rules of Media.
Center of Committee/Network: NAI office