Community Right`s Mobilization & Response

Project Description:



1-September-2011 – 1-August-2013


Project Goal / Objective:

  • The project goal is to support vulnerable families in regards to strengthen their socio-economical condition in Faryab province
  • Objectives: to establish nine economical cycles in Khwaja sabz push district of Faryab
  • To provide nine cycles with literacy (reflect book system will be used)
  • To provide nine cycles with some awareness raising training on, peace building, women rights, child rights and health etc
  • To establish good contacts & relations between the nine economical cycles



  • Initiate meeting with community
  • Establishment of nine cycles
  • Literacy provision to members of nine cycles
  • Awareness raising workshops to members of nine cycles
  • Establishment of contacts & relations among nine cycles & other stakeholders
  • Marketing
  • Counseling
  • Project management activities


Expected Results

  • 196 individual’s literacy level will be improved
  • Nine reflects groups will be able to improve their economic situation through establishing small businesses based on micro-finance granting during the 2010
  • All the local community groups, irrespective of their ethnic background, gender, socio-economic status will be contributing in the community development process through their participation
  • The general socio-economic condition of the local communities will be positively influenced by the process of awareness raising, capacity building & granting






  • Khwaja Sabaz Push



Christian Aid (CA)



  • Civilians (15 males, 181 females)



40,000.00 (EURO)


Community Right`s Mobilization & Response (Faryab)