Education Quality Improvement Project

Project Description:


The Education Quality Improvement Project (EQUIP) is a capacity building project aimed at assisting and consulting teachers and administrative staff members in order to build their capacity, and is a co-partner with nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). This Project started five years ago with the collaboration of the Directorate of Teacher’s Training & Education and the Ministry of Education. The first and second phase of the project was successful completed in 1391 and 1392 and the third phase will begin on 1392 and will continue until March 1393.

Paktia province is one of the provinces where the (EQUIP) project is being implemented. The programs are conducted through Afghan Women’s Educational Center (AWEC). EQUIP planned to conduct the needed trainings based on a prepared schedule.  In the second phase, approximately 2516 teachers are going to be trained by 70 trainers and 9 team leaders, as well as 238 administrative staff members working in schools are going to be trained by 4 administrative employees of the EQUIP project.

This project has been funded by the World Bank and these trainings which are called “active learning” have brought significant changes in the methods used by teachers and school administration departments.