Kabul Prison

Project Description:



1-May-2012 – 1-April-2013


Project Goal / Objective:

  • To create better opportunities for women prisoners in order to excel their learning & skill building level
  • Objectives: to provide relief & assistance to around 180 women & about 60 children inside Kabul prison
  • To provide network with outside for referral services for the prison women
  • To provide monthly required awareness on Rights, Peace, Conflict resolution, Gender, etc.
  • To establish Accelerating learning for women & girls who know basic reading & writing
  • To build their skill & through conducting skill building training courses & to provide referral services
  • To provide legal services for women inside prison & during their release from the prison



  • Legal services
  • Skill building
  • Accelerated learning
  • English/Computer courses
  • Library
  • Awareness workshops
  • Family visits


Expected Results

  • Result 1: Services: all beneficiaries will receive equal legal services in addition to this AWEC will offer some special kind of services to pregnant women, post delivery health care etc. the result of such activities is to ensure women in prison.
  • Result 2: Skill building training: skill building will keep detainees away from the trauma that they have passed. This activity is also crucial for “mental well being” of detainees. In addition they will learn a new skill which might help them in future.
  • Result 3: Awareness Rising: the activity which mainly focuses on health care & other social & environmental issue will help the beneficiaries to have broader information about their society & would learn skills for how they can live better & peacefully. This activity will furnish the minds of participates so that they are much more aware of their rights, how to struggle against problems & many other issues
  • Result 4: AL & Literacy: these activities are purely concentrating on the “Education for All”. AWEC will use the approved curricula for both type of education.






  • Badam Bagh Jail (Kabul)






  • Prostitute women in Jail (180 females)



$159,654.00 (USD)