Women's Rights are Humrights

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On December 30th AWEC on financial support of Tawanmandi was able organize a one day conference as part of multiple activities in support of Orange campaign to End Violence against Women and Girls,

Representative of AIHRC, MoI, Defence, MoLSAMD and MoWA beside several CSO participated in the event.

( take info from Intro I wrote for Conference)

AWEC program staff share the finding of two important research with representative of relevant ministries, as part of campaign of ending violence against women and girls A. The finding of gender review of of school curriculum aim to highlight he gender insensitive material in scho curriculum that can perpetuate gender stereo type, gaps and discrimination. b, The finding and recommendation shortcoming on support to widows of security forces.

Written copy of recommendations were officially handovered to the relevant ministries.

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